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Donation and Sponsorship

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In 2012, Baosteel Co., Ltd. made a donation and sponsorship of RMB 34.6536 million for the society, among which RMB 34.4536 million was from the headquarters, and RMB 200,000 from its subsidiaries. The donation and sponsorship were mainly for poverty alleviation, new countryside building and comprehensive environmental renovation.

In 2012, the company spent RMB 9.15 million for Yunnan's poverty alleviation, RMB 8.85 million of which was for the four counties, including Ning'er, Mojiang, Zhenyuan, and Jiangcheng, in Pu'er city, Yunnan province. To be specific, there were 27 poverty alleviation programs, including an overall progress of the village, paired-up educational aid, technical training applicable to the countryside life, industry exploration, and renovating classrooms in danger. There was also 1 educational training program for Pu'er city. These programs have helped improve local people's life and production level. A donation of RMB 300,000 was made to the national fund for the disabled, and was specially used for the "Unfailing love, giving sight" program, i.e., to resume their eyesight by giving operation to 300 cataract patients with financial difficulties.

Through Shanghai Baoshan Environmental Protection Bureau, Baosteel donated RMB 24.5382 million for the Youyi village of Yuepu Town to carry out a comprehensive renovation. This project involved the rehabilitation of 30 households. A series of work, including the old house removal, construction waste cleaning up, housing land leveling, recremental mud deep burial and earth sheltering, as well as green landscaping. The lawns newly added totaled 7326 m2, and trees and bushes covered a total of over 10,000 m2 of land. The traffic noise, and dust and powder used to have a negative impact on the life of people living in this area. This greenery project has fundamentally changed the situation. The environment of the Youyi village was greatly improved, and the residents gained the most benefits as they moved into the new houses. The environment and life quality of the residents were greatly improved. Also, one more piece of public lawns was added to Baoshan District and the environment of that district was bettered.

The company donated RMB 765,400 to Shanghai Charity Foundation for the poverty alleviation of Chongming County. The three-year pair-up assistance to Bao'an Village and Mengxi Village of Chongming County was continued. The donated money was mainly used for road repair and protection, renovation of the villagers' activity center and the office, and construction (the third phase) of the planting service station. Other assistance work included the Party construction work training, the education aid, as well as visiting the households and Party members in difficulties.

In 2012, Huangshi Company donated RMB 200,000 for such activities as the third table tennis contest, metallurgical culture festival, supporting and benefiting the peasants, new countryside construction, and helping poor people in the city to improve their living standard.

Donation in 2012:

Donation by Received by Amount
(RMB ten thousand Yuan
of the company
China Welfare Fund for the handicapped 30.00
Poverty Alleviation and Development Office of Yunnan People's
Donation for the environmental improvement in Yuepu town 2453.82
Shanghai Charity Foundation for Chongming 76.54
Donation to support and benefit peasants to the non-tax revenue
settlement account of the financial bureau of Huangshi City
The third national table tennis festival, the metallurgy culture festival 10.00
Countryside Accounting Service Center of Dawang Town, Yangxin
County (Donation for the new countryside construction)
Caring donation to Huangshi City Charity Federation 3.00
Total 3465.36
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