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Management System

Continuously promote the green development 
of industry

The company has set clear management policy for energy saving and emission reduction as well as environment protection and has set up corresponding functional departments in the headquarters and all levels of production enterprises. Specific persons have been designated to work at a full-time or part-time basis to coordinate the company’s energy and environment management in accordance with the ISO14001 system, “Requirements for Energy Management System” (GB/T23331-2009) and other related national rules and regulations.To save the space, this report has not repeated such contents as the policies for energy and environment management and related administrative organization structure. Please refer to the same report in 2010 for reference, as there is no change to these contents in 2012.

Environmental Management System

Baosteel took the lead in the industry to pass the National Environment Management System ISO14001 certification in 1998.

At present, all steel enterprises under the company have obtained Environmental Management System ISO14001 certification. 15 of the 18 cutting delivery centers under Baosteel International, and the nonsteel production unit of Baosteel Chemical have also gained the ISO14001 certification.

Energy Management System

In 2010, Baosteel Co., Ltd. (headquarters) led to pass the National Energy Management System certification.

In 2011, the company continued to perfect the basic energy management, promoted the implementation of the “Three flows, one status” energy management system to production units, and the major steel units under the company have obtained the National Energy Management System certification.

In 2012, Baosteel Co., Ltd. (headquarters) and BNA passed the three-year pilot certification of the energy management system. Baosteel’s energy management system maintained the GB/T23331—2009 standard and the certified registration of EnMSGT-2010 “Implementation Rules for Energy Management System Certification of the Steel Industry” (trial).

Clean Production Appraisal

In 2005, Baosteel led to gain the title of “National Environment-friendly Enterprise” among the domestic steel enterprises.

In 2007, Baosteel was among the first group of enterprises to have won the title of “Clean Production & Environmental-friendly Enterprise”.

In 2011, the enterprises in Shanghai, including the headquarters, BNA, and Baosteel Chemical had applied for and passed the clean production examination.

In 2012, Baotong Steel and Yantai Baojin affiliated to Baosteel International, Shanghai Packaging Steel Strips and Shanghai High strength Steel all passed the clean production examination. Yantai Baojin was recognized as an “Excellent Clean Production Enterprise” in Shandong province.

Yantai Baojin Steel Material Processing Co., Ltd. affiliated to Baosteel International is a service company involved in metal sheet processing, sale, storage and delivery. It is recognized as an “Excellent Clean Production Enterprise” at the provincial level is a breakthrough progress for Baosteel’s environmental management in the processing and delivery sectors.

Education and Training on Environmental and Energy Saving

In 2012, the company stepped up the training in these subjects: energy management and its system, energy saving and emission reduction technology application, clean production and environmental management, and energy saving and emission reduction situation and policy during the twelfth five-year period. It opened 23 training classes, and about 802 person times received the training. The company also initiated innovation forum, and theme research programs to address the low carbon technology, carbon emission reduction and contracted energy management, including such contents as “Carbon trade and Baosteel’s strategy,” “Reclaim of low temperature residue heat,” and “Energy management contracting”. It completed training programs regarding the recertification of energy management staff, the professional certification of environmental management staff, as well as the training of electric balance measurement and electricity saving technology. These training programs helped enhance the energy and environmental management and the energy saving technology. The company also developed a course named “‘Three flows, one status’ energy management system”, which was used in the training process.

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