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Operating Results

Sustainable development and lead progress

  • Operating Income and Cost
  • Profit
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  • Retained Earnings and
    Dividend Distribution

In 2012, the global economy was still in fluctuation, and the domestic economy slowed down in growth. Demands from major domestic downstream industries was gloomy, intensifying the demand-supply conflicts for the steel industry, and resulted in a continued steel price drop. The gloomy steel market urged the steel plants to stop production and start equipment check and renovation. But the situation that the supply surpassed the demand was not fundamentally altered. The steel industry was in extreme difficulty. Faced with the severe challenges, all departments responded actively to the requirement put forward by the company and took measures to optimize the production organization plans, tap the potential of the bottleneck processes to further reduce the cost and enhance efficiency internally so as to ensure the stable production and strike a balance between the production and sales. In the year, 23.56 million tons of finished products and billets were sold and RMB 191.5 billion of total operating income was generated.

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