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Baosteel fully launched solar power generation project [ 2012-06-18 ]

Recently, Baosteel Golden Sun PV project is fully launched. By the end of this year, most plant roofs of factory directly under Baosteel will be equipped with solar silicon panels for photovoltaic power generation with total designed capacity of 50 MW, which the annual power generation will reach 50 million kwh, directly used in the production, equivalent to one year power consumption of 20,000 households.

In recent years, Baosteel under the guidance of environmental management strategy actively makes development in green manufacturing, green product, and green industry, making substantial step at the aspect of the utilization of clean energy and renewable energy source. In April this year, Baosteel took the national "Golden Sun demonstration project as an opportunity to accelerate the pace of green energy technology application, initiating to build the solar power demonstration project among the domestic steel enterprises - Energy Center Building 130 kilowatts photovoltaic system demonstration project. Since the project has been put into operation in May, the power generation load increases gradually with more than 4000 kwh power generating in total so far, all for the Energy Center building lighting and air conditioning.

The success of this demonstration project laid the foundation for Baosteel fully launching the solar power project. Baosteel Golden Sun photovoltaic power generation project is the largest installed capacity rooftop photovoltaic power generation project in the world. After the completion of the project, most of the plant roofs of factory directly under Baosteel will be covered with solar silicon panels, with the total laying area of about one million square meters, which the annual generating capacity of 50 million kwh, accounting for 0.5% of Baosteel headquarter annual power consumption, equivalent to saving 15,000 ton standard coal annually, reducing carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emission of 30,000 tons and 1500 tons and planting 2.5 million trees annually.

Baosteel Golden Sun photovoltaic power generation project operates under the mode of contract energy management, the investor has a wealth of experience in professional energy saving. According to the plan, the project will be completed and put into operation by the end of this year, without increasing Baosteel period power cost. Photovoltaic power generation not only can be directly used in the production, but also in accordance with national policy substitute the peak power and reduce power costs. In addition, the construction of solar power project has immeasurable social benefits. Solar energy is typical clean energy, which will not take up the enterprise total energy consumption limits with no carbon dioxide emission. It is a substantial step taken by Baosteel on actively playing a leading steel enterprise in the use of new energy and setting an urban social image for steel enterprises.

Source:Baosteel News Centre
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