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Baosteel and Siemens practice Industry 4.0 together to drive intelligent manufacturing strategy [ 2016-06-22 ]

On June 13th, witnessed by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and German Chancellor Merkel, Chen Derong, president of Baosteel Group Corporation, and Joe Kaeser, president and CEO of Siemens AG signed “The strategic agreement of intelligent manufacturing (Industry 4.0) between Baosteel and Siemsns” This is a best practice for docking Germen “Inducsry 4.0” with“Made in China 2025”.

Since 2015, Baosteel has established Joint Working Group with Siemens, and impelled “Joint Exploration Program of Industry 4.0 by Baosteel and Siemens” together. Firstly, the program shall be prior to carry and try at 1580 Hot Rolling Intelligent Workshop, which is Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) intelligent manufacturing pilot project, and then Chinese Steel Industry 4.0 standard can be set up jointly. Based on this, both parties can choose the opportunity to form a business mode, which can be promoted in the steel industry and other industries. In addition, the construction of digitized steel plants based on the opening platform is of landmark significance to Baosteel and Siemens, which can bring strategic opportunity to both parties, and commonly build a creative partnership between them.

It has positive practical significance to realize Industry 4.0 for the process revamping of the built factories and improvement of labour productivity, effciency, flexibility, and will provide an example for implementation for China’s supply side reform. .

Source:Baosteel News Centre
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