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Efforts to Establish World-Class Research Institute for EnterpriseFor the 20th Anniversary of the Central Research Institute [ 2019-08-09 ]

On August 5 for the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Central Research Institute, a symposium was held on the theme of "never forget the aspiration, remember the mission, pursue the dream and achieve for the future".  Leaders such as Chen Derong, Zou Jixin, Zhang Jingang, Hou Angui, Chu Shuangjie and more than 60 previous senior leaders, experts and staff representatives of Baosteel R&D attended the symposium.  Chen Derong, secretary of Party Committee and chairman of Baowu China, encouraged R&D personnel to keep in mind the mission of being a global leader in iron and steel industry with aspiration to serve our country and strive to create a world-class research institute for enterprise.

Participants in the symposium watched a 20-year retrospective video of Central Research Institute.  Director Wu Jun made a retrospective and prospective report on behalf of the institute team.  Liu Yaoheng from Steel Tube Technology Center and Shen Kanyi from Silicon Steel Research Institute spoke as staff representatives, ensuring that they would inherit the entrepreneurship of the older generation and reward the enterprise with better performance without disgracing the mission.

Ge Honglin, the first director of the Central Research Institute, sent a congratulatory letter for its 20th anniversary to share the unforgettable early years after the founding of the institute.  At the symposium, She Yonggui, Li Weiguo, Ding Yongqiang and Zhang Pijun made speeches representing for different historical stages of R&D.  They reviewed the development process of the research institute, shared experiences and lessons, and encouraged the new generation of R&D personnel to strive forward, pursue the dream and achieve for the future.

In Chen Derong’s speech, he fully affirmed the outstanding historic contributions made by the Central Research Institute and its predecessors - the Steel Research Institute and the Technology Center for the outstanding Baowu in the past 40 years.  He expressed his hearty thanks to the senior leaders and experts and congratulated the vast number of scientific researchers.

Chen Derong thought that China's economy had changed from high-speed development to high-quality development and Baowu China was confronting fundamental changes in external environment.  Iron and steel industry had been transformed from "the dominant industry adored by everyone, which represented the advanced productive forces" to "the main NIMBY object".  Under the background of serious overcapacity, the company had low market share, serious homogeneity of products and low overall profit margin.  Part of the "inferior" became the "superior".  The company was facing severe challenges in becoming the leader in steel industry and achieving the goal of world-class.

Chen Derong required that the pursuit value of the Central Research Institute should be consistent with the goal of becoming world-class enterprise.  The dissertations should be written market-concerned, innovation implemented at the working site, results reflected in the accounting books of customers and in the financial balance-sheet of enterprise.  The world-class research institute for enterprise should be a powerful engine serving and supporting enterprise to become world-class.  No support of world-class research institute, no world-class enterprise.

Chen Derong proposed that R&D investment should be increased further and efficiency of scientific research should be enhanced.  Firstly to merge: Through "one institute to one industry line", the R&D forces of each base would be highly specialized integrated to achieve as soon as possible ONE MILL, ONE INSTITUTE with improvement of efficiency for resource allocation.  Secondly to extend: By covering a wide range of mass products with high-quality technology, value could be created for customers and at the same time, benefits of homogeneous products could be increased, embodying the power of science and technology.  Thirdly to be prompt: In order to meet the market demand quickly, more integrated innovation should be carried out to improve the speed of product research and development and shorten the product research and development cycle.

Chen Derong pointed out that Baowu China had established its own performance evaluation system in the past two years to surpass itself, to win the market and to pursue excellence. Technological system should catch up and a scientific technological evaluation system should be established in line with the pursuit of enterprise value as soon as possible. To achieve first-class performances, first-class talents and first-class status are needed.  Therefore, first-class evaluation system, honor system and incentive system should be set up.  These systems would be consistent with the goal of the enterprise, which belonged to the enterprise's own system known as “system of Baowu China”.

Source:Baosteel News Centre
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