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Coiling temperature control technology of Baosteel Hot Rolling gained the landmark breakthrough [ 2018-09-10 ]

Good news from Baosteel: the coiling temperature control precision of 1580 Hot Rolling production line of Baoshan Base has exceeded the international first-class benchmarking enterprise for 5 consecutive months and reached the world leading level. This technology not only promoted the further improvement of the hot-rolling process control level and product quality of Baosteel, but also realized the leap from following to surpassing. It is also an important landmark mathematical model technology breakthrough made by Baosteel in rolling of the production line in the intelligent manufacturing field in recent years.

Coiling temperature is a key model index of hot rolling production. As the last spray temperature drop in hot rolling process, coiling temperature is as important as the final quenching of casting sword, which largely determines the physical performance of hot rolling sheet coil. The smaller the temperature fluctuation and the higher the stability, the better the physical properties of steel coil, such as toughness and strength, which can not only improve the quality of hot rolling products, but also help to reduce the frequency of the abnormal occurrence, such as strip break, in the next process, such as cold rolling, so as to improve production efficiency, reduce production cost and improve users’ using experience. At present, domestic and foreign steel enterprises are all committed to improving the coiling temperature control of hot rolling. Benchmarking steel enterprises, Baosteel control the coiling temperature fluctuation (measured by standard deviation, the smaller the better) in the last three years at 6.55℃, historical highest level is 6.23℃which is the best in the world.

In 2017, Baosteel carried out benchmarking with international first-class steel enterprises and started special promotion for three model indexes, including fine rolling thickness of hot rolling, final rolling temperature and coiling temperature. Thereof, “Coiling temperature control level improvement” is in charged by Zhang Zhiyong, core member of Golden Apple Team and chief engineer of Equipment Department. With the joint efforts of the Golden Apple Team and the close cooperation of the Hot-rolling process staff, the test work is carried out on the 1580 production line for breakthrough.

The technological breakthrough has experienced difficulties and repeats, and lies in the introduction of intelligent manufacturing innovation means. In the early stage, in order to narrow the gap with the benchmarking enterprise, the project team adopted conventional means to catch the main contradiction, formed the problem list to make improvement by scrolling, and completed 23 items of optimization for control functions and model control functions and model algorithm.

It is known that "Coiling temperature control technology of 1580 Hot Rolling" has formed a number of innovation points, such as "Intelligent modification method of operation condition identification and cooling strategy", "Coiling temperature control technology adapted to the dynamic speed regulation mode of finishing rolling", "Local self-diffusion model self-learning algorithm", "Feedback control self-optimization", "Intelligent flushing technology of cooling header" and so on. Under the condition of small batch, multiple varieties and frequent rolling of new products, it can meet the requirements of automatic collection of key element values automatic identification, intelligent evaluation and automatic correction of working conditions, and then finish the "intelligent decision" of coiling temperature cooling. On the premise of first-class hitting accuracy, the automatic control level of coiling temperature of the whole production line has reached 99.96% in the last half year, which effectively avoided manual intervention, also can reduce the cost loss caused by new product trial rolling and improve the adaptability to changes such as working condition. At present, the technology has applied for two patents and has been approved.

“The key to make a breakthrough is that we try to combine the intelligent algorithm thought with the traditional model algorithm, which provides a new and effective idea and method to solve the problems of steel smelting, rolling control accuracy and so on.” Zhang Zhiyong, who has been engaged in hot-rolling mathematical modeling work for more than 10 years, believes that this method can be widely used in the mathematical model field of other related processes, and has strong universality and economical efficiency. At present, he leads the team to use this method to challenge the finishing rolling temperature control level of hot rolling. Zhang Zhiyong and his team members believe that in the era of big data and intelligence, the intelligent model will definitely become a key factor for the production line to be more "intelligent".

Source:Baosteel News Centre
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