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Central China’s First Street Car Has Trial Run for a Month WISCO’s “King of Rail” Got Praised [ 2017-09-18 ]

Recently, Central China’s first street car——Wuhan “Chedu T1 line” has trial run for a month. Many citizens of Wuhan praised that: the street car runs smoothly, the ride is comfortable, and is punctual and environmental protection. The rail used by this “Wuhan’s green traffic scenery line” is the channel rail developed by WISCO independently, which is praised as “King of the rail”.

The key technology for the smooth operation of street car lies in the rail. The channel rail is praised as “King of the rail” due to its extremely difficult manufacture: the sectional form of channel rail is extremely complicated, it is not symmetrical up and down, left and right, moreover, deep and narrow groove must be rolled at the rail head, therefore, the production is very difficult. In China, there are only several enterprises that can produce this product, and there is no domestic execution standard, the technology is completely confidential, and all the production process needs to be designed and developed independently.

On the premise of no proven technologies for reference, WISCO carried out brainstorming with focus on the roll pass design, rolling pressure control and roll assembly precision of channel rail, successively overcoming a series of difficulties such as impact on guide due to excessive local load during the production, dimensional accuracy and surface quality, etc. The quality of channel rail is strictly controlled according to the composition and cleanliness requirement of high speed heavy rail. Finally WISCO’s exclusive production process technology for channel rail is formed. In the meantime, WISCO improved the performance parameter of the product according to the customer’s requirements, gradually mastered customer’s performance demand for this product, formulated product standard, and passed the specialist’s review organized by China Iron & Steel Association, and the product quality is completely up to the requirements of the operation of street car.

Along with the rapid development of China’s urban rail transit construction, the successful development of WISCO’s channel rail will provide important support to China’s urban rail transit construction, inject new power into the development of urban green traffic, and be of important significance to promote the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society.

Source:Baosteel News Centre
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