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Baosteel Company Limited creates a new future of steel

Feb 2017

Baosteel Co., Ltd. merged Wuhan Iron & Steel by absorption.


Nov 2016

Zhanjiang project was put into full production.


Sept 2015

Zhanjiang No.1 blast furnace was ignited.


Aug 2014

Additionally invested RMB 6 billion to Zhanjiang Steel; shareholding rose to 90%.


May 2014

Implemented A share restricted share incentive plan and capital management plan for staff in key positions.


Dec 2013

Issued USD 500 million bonds abroad.


Nov 2013

Additionally invested RMB 6,907 billion(twice) to Zhanjiang Steel; shareholding rose to 85.71%.


May 2013

Completed the largest scale A share buyback, accumulatively spent RMB 5 billion on buyback and cancelled 1.04 billion shares.


Dec 2012

the company sold its Luojing COREX assets and technology to Baosteel Group Corporation.


Sept 2012

Zhanjiang Project to be built with Baosteel as main investor got approved by the shareholders conference.


Apr 2012

the company sold all its stainless steel assets and specialty steel assets to Baosteel Group Corporation.


June 2009

Issued the second sum of 5 billion Medium-term Notes.


May 2009

Issued the first sum of 5 billion Medium-term Notes.


December 2008

RMB 10 billion convertible bonds with call warrants were issued.


December 2007

Baosteel's SGM approved the proposal on acquisition of Luojing Project and its related assets and issuing 10 billion convertible bonds.


December 2006

No.2 furnace was ignited after the on-the-spot overhaul.


August 2005

Baosteel's SGM approved the proposal for non-tradable shares reform and the reform had been completed.


April 2005

Baosteel's projects on the list of its Tenth Five-Year Plan were put into operation. Issued 5 billion new shares and acquired from Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation part of its assets and successfully integrated its steel industry.


April 2004

Baosteel-NSC Arcelor Automotive Steel Sheets Co., Ltd. was established.


December 2002

The opening ceremonies for Wide and Heavy Plate Mill Project and 1800 Cold Rolling Strip Steel Project were held.


June 2001

Purchased the third-phase project assets of Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation; capacity reached 11 million tons.


December 2000

Listed at Shanghai Stock Exchange (Code: 600019)


November 2000

RMB 1.877 billion common shares were issued.


February 2000

Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. was established.


November 1998

Baoshan Iron & Steel (Group) Corporation merged with the former Shanghai Metallurgical Holding Group Corporation and the former Shanghai Meishan Group Co., Ltd. to set up Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation.


September 1994

No.3 Blast Furnace was ignited.


July 1993

Renamed "Baoshan Iron & Steel (Group) Corporation"


June 1991

No.2 Blast Furnace was ignited.


September 1985

No.1 Blast Furnace was ignited.


December 1978

The construction commencement ceremony for Baosteel project was held.


December 1977

Baosteel project headquarters was set up; Shanghai Baoshan Iron & Steel General Plant was founded.

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