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Baosteel's Culture

Taking honesty and cooperation as the core values 
of Baosteel culture

Core value: integrity, synergy

Integrity: loyalty and trustworthiness. The company and its employees will be loyal to their country and its citizens, to the enterprise and its mission; to their investors and shareholders, users and suppliers. The company should treat its employees in good faith, and vice versa, and employees should respect each other.

Synergy: working together to achieve our common goal. Synergy means integrate all company resources effectively, maximize profit and all our other values.

Employees and management at all levels within the company should respect the company's core values. Baosteel will promote its corporate culture and strive to continuously expand the company's 'Awareness and Action' to integrate these into our beliefs, systems, forms and activities. All company members are expected to respect the company's culture and its code of conduct.

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